by Peter@REM

“JAM” is an action comedy which tell the story of three young men who live in the local town. Three stories are told in parallel, and interwoven occasionally until the unexpected climax.

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a film by SABU
produced by LDH Japan
coproduced by REM
Cast: Machida Keita, Aoyagi Sho, Suzuki Nobuyuki
Japan 2018,  approx.100 minutes

A traditional ballad singer Hiroshi has enthusiastic middle-aged female fans. Takeru believes that by doing good things to others, he could cause a miracle to happen and cure his beloved girlfriend who is in coma. Tetsuo avenges himself on yakuza for putting him in a jail and now is chased by them. These three men’s paths are somehow intertwined and drawing them toward a showdown.

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