by Peter@REM

“Celluloid is not dead it just smells funny.” -inspired by Frank Zappa

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What is a treasure? It can be a trove full of gold, maybe a decades-old poetry collection. For Rapid Eye Movies a treasure is the rediscovery and revival of a long-lost cinematic gem. With Rapid Eye Lab we are making a dream come true: Our in-house digitalization lab makes it possible to bring old analogue films such as 35mm and 16mm back to life. Masterpieces of all genres and decades slumber in forgotten archives and basements. They deserve to be seen on the big screen.
Remastering vs restauration: We believe in the power of celluloid. For this reason, we will search for the best-preserved positive of a film and scan it without retouching. The films are digitalized by an experienced cinematographer using a “Blackmagic Cintel” scanner. The results are high-quality 4K masters that can be transferred onto mediums such as DVD, Blu-ray and DCP. This makes it possible to screen old masterpieces at festivals and in cinemas.
Our first project is Sun Ra’s sci-fi jazz musical SPACE IS THE PLACE, followed by a selection of Japanese pink eiga classics such as Masao Adachi’s GUSHING PRAYER.Our many years of experience as an international film label have culminated in a broad network of like-minded industry people. Together with producers and directors, we seek to find a release concept that best suits the film and can aid in the worldwide distribution of it.
Further services include high-quality scans for producers and European film labels.

Rapid Eye Lab
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